Welcome to my English page for expats and those who are looking for an experienced English speaking coach.

Life Coaching

Life coaching is an invitation to face challenging situations and explore existential issues. Or to find inner guidance when one has arrived at a crossroads in life. My aim for the counseling sessions is to support people in difficult times and bring them in alignment with their true potential, passions and life’s purpose. For this, authenticity and freedom of expression, mind-body balance and relaxation are focal points of attention.

Stress and Burnout

Stress, burnout, anxiety and depression can be seen as wake-up calls that want to bring our attention to neglected parts of ourselves. Or, as Marshall Rosenberg has phrased it: “Stress is a result of unmet needs”. These needs want to be heard and acknowledged, so that we can live fulfilling lives. For this, we often need to let go of strategies, beliefs and conditionings that no longer serve us.

Rebalancing the Body-Mind

Body and mind are inseparably connected. Nevertheless, we tend to live predominantly in our heads and may feel disconnected from our intuitive capacities. It may, therefore, be helpful to use breathing exercises, mindfulness or a form of bodywork that is called Rebalancing. These techniques help us to get out of our heads and get back into our bodies. With this, a sense of relaxation and clarity of mind will be experienced.

About me

My professional history has its roots in academic health care. The care of patients has given me deep insights into the nature of our humanness and what drives us most. At one point, I switched careers and by now I have over ten years of experience as counselor/coach and facilitator of group dynamic processes. I did my specialist training in the United States and also worked in England. Therefore, I am quite familiar with the English language and being an ‘expat’. My coach training was with the MMS Institute (Accredited by NOBCO, ICF and EMCC)


Generally, I like to work with people in relatively short but intense trajectories. However, the approach will be tailor made to your needs and abilities as we go along. Sessions have a duration of 90 minutes in general. This allows for the inclusion of mindfulness or Rebalancing bodywork, when this feels appropriate. Rebalancing can also be the sole purpose for the sessions.

Contact & Information

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Frans D. Rahusen, PhD